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San Vicente de la Sonsierra

Tasting in the Castle of San Vicente de la Sonsierra

On Saturday, October 26th, we will be holding a very special wine tourism day; Walk to the walled enclosure on a guided tour. Learn about traditional winemaking, visit the interior of the local monuments (Church of Santa Mª la Mayor, Clock Tower and Hermitage of San Juan). We will be tasting the wines of the eight participating wineries in an beautiful environment, talk with the creators and discover, learn and understand the differences between their wines.

A place soaked in history, a privileged environment, a village and eight wineries with common interests....

This is the program:

  •  From 12:00 pm to 15:00 pm and from 17:00pm to 19:00pm.There will be tastings in the cellars of the walled enclosure. - Eight different wineries and sixteen wines to try with their own individual personalities. Chat directly with the wine makers and discover the different styles and methods used. Within the footholds of our inceredibel Castle and the picturesque landscape that surrounds it. Take advantage and buy the wine directly from the wine makers then you can pick it up later at the collection point in the Plaza Mayor (pick up time from 12:00 pm to 15:00pm and from 18:00 to 20:00pm.)
  • At 11:30, 12:30, 13:30, 17:30 and 18:30, guided walk to the castle. We will talk about the wine making while we visit old drafts, traditionally prepared wines ... ending the visit in the tasting area.
  • Throughout the day you will have a unique opportunity to visit the monumental Parochial Church of Santa María la Mayor, the Hermitage of San Juan (current Headquarters of the Brotherhood of Santa Vera Cruz), the interior of the Clock Tower (with its tower clock of the year 1675) , the Torre Mayor (with its impressive panoramic viewpoint)
  • At the end there will be a toast with a glass of wine at sunset and with live music in the background.

These are the participating wineries-

Prices: cup and 6 wine tasting tickets 12€ (link to book)

Use public transport and come and visit us:

  • From Haro.- (AlavaBus) Haro-Labastida-San Vicente.- 11:05 y 17:50 h ** San Vicente-Labastida-Haro.- 20:19 horas
  • From Logroño.- (AlavaBus)  Logroño- San Vicente.- 9:30, 9:40, 11:20 y 13:45 horas. ** San Vicente-Logroño.- 16:09, 18:05 y 20:14 horas
  • From Bilbao.- (CuadraBus) Bilbao-San Vicente at 9:30 h // San Vicente-Bilbao at 20:09 h
  • From Vitoria.- (AlavaBus) Vitoria-San Vicente at 12:05 // San Vicente-Vitoria at  17:46 h

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